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Manage Your Fleet

Field operations, dispatch, scheduling, and more. Manage your reps in the field.
Field Desk


Mobilogic® FieldDesk is a wireless service management solution providing mobile field access to work orders and all related data.



FieldOPS Software is the leading Service Scheduling Dispatch Software solution available for your company. Ease of use, intuitiveness and simplicity are designed into each of the software modules. Call for a demonstration of FieldOPS Software.



Mobilogic MapTools provides dispatchers and CSRs with an invaluable map view of current and future assignments allowing for increased efficiency in routing and scheduling as well as real-time monitoring. Its integration with FieldOPS means no double entry or import/export is required.



PageRunner™ is a comprehensive paging/messaging software product for computer networks. PageRunner™ enables users to send messages directly from FieldOPS to phones, pagers, or email.


We are very excited about Mobilogic’s FieldDesk and feel that it will revolutionize our business. Because of the capabilities of FieldDesk we can reduce our overhead costs, increase productivity, and grow our business without the types of constraints we had been dealing with before.

Keith Estes

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is trying to make their processes more efficient and who wants to save time and money.


We used to rely on guys just ordering what they think they used. I would recommend Mobilogic’s FieldDesk to anyone looking to streamline their operation

James A. Wheat & Sons, Inc