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What hardware is required for FieldDesk?

Mobilogic® FieldDesk was developed to run on any standard Rugged or Non-Rugged PC Tablet running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows Version 7.



For more information, check out our hardware recommendations.

What is a day-in-the-life of FieldDesk like?

Every company does business slightly differently, so a day in the life of FieldDesk will vary from one company to the next.

Send us an email or give us a call, and we’ll walk through how FieldDesk would work for your company.

What FieldOPS modules do I need?

To run FieldDesk, you need to have the Service Dispatch and Paging modules in FieldOPS.

Which internet providers work with FieldDesk?

Wireless connectivity is not restricted by vendor or technology. Mobilogic® FieldDesk simply requires an internet connection.

Many Mobilogic® FieldDesk users use a built-in or USB wireless broadband aircard to allow for an internet connection in the field.

How much does FieldDesk Cost?

FieldDesk is a subscription service with a monthly fee based on the number of technicians using the service.

There is a one time installation and set-up fee. This includes the software, a walk-through of the installation and features, and necessary customizations for your business.

FieldDesk has tiered pricing: Users 1 to 5: $70/month/tech Users 6 to 10: $50/month/tech Users 11 to 20: $40/month/tech Users 21 to 30: $35/month/tech Users 31 to 50: $30/month/tech Users 51+: $25/month/tech

Example costs:

If you have 3 FieldDesk users, your monthly cost would be (3 x $70) = $210/month.

If you have 7 FieldDesk users, your monthly cost would be (5 x $70) + (2 x $50) = $450/month.

If you have 25 FieldDesk users, your monthly cost would be (5 x $70) + (5 x $50) + (10 x $40) + (5 x $35) = $1,025/month.

Calculate your monthly FieldDesk Costs

Other per-tech, up-front costs include the technician’s hardware.  At the minimum, each tech needs a Windows based PC (operating on XP or higher), and an internet connection.  For more information, see our Hardware Recommendations.

What do these error messages on the FD Gateway mean?

The FieldDesk gateway sometimes will leave a work order unprocessed and display an error message explaining why.

This means that instead of importing the data into FieldOPS, the work order Field Copy and data is stored in the “inbox” folder in your FieldOPS data directory.

There are two main error messages that you might get on your FieldDesk Gateway. These error messages will also be recorded as processing notes at the very bottom of the “Assn*.xml” file in the inbox.

  1. Unable to check in work order ######## which was not checked out.
    • This error message can be caused in a few ways.
      1. In FieldOPS, an administrator marked a work order in the “Checked Out Work Orders” queue as processed before it was submitted by the technician. By marking a work order as processed, the administrator has “unchecked out” the work order from the technician. This does not affect the assignment on the FieldOPS DBoard. If the administrator has removed the “checked out” status, you will get this error message in the Gateway when the technician submits the work order.
      2. A dispatcher in FieldOPS assigns the work order to two different technicians. Only one technician can have a work order “checked out” to him at any one time. By sending the work order to more than one FieldDesk technician, the dispatcher has checked out the work order to the first, then unchecked it out to that first technician and checked it out to the second technician. If the second technician submits the work order before the first technician, the work order will no longer be checked out to anyone. If, then, the first technician also submits the work order, you will get the error message that the work order is not checked out.
  2. Unable to check in work order ###### from #(Employee #) which is checked out to #(Other Employee #)
    • You will get this error message if a dispatcher sends the work order to multiple technicians. Since only one technician can have a work order “checked out” to him at any one time, sending the work order to more than one FieldDesk technician will create one “checked out” status for the first technician, remove that “checked out” status, and then “check out” the work order to the second technician. If the first technician tries to submit the work order after it has been assigned to a second technician, you will get the error message that the work order is not checked out to this first technician.

To avoid this error, have the technician who received the work order in error Discard the work order instead of submitting it.

Can I assign more than one technician to a work order?

In FieldOPS, yes, you can assign more than one technician to a work order. However, in FieldDesk, you can only check out a work order to one technician at a time.

Checking out a work order to more than one technician is often the cause for errors upon checking in the work order.

For more information, see the “Reassigning Work Orders” tutorial.

How do we handle Helper Labor in FieldDesk?

Create a group of helper technicians in FieldOPS.  Then, specify that group as the helper labor group in the System Values setup in the FieldDesk Gateway.

I have a form I want available to my technicians, independent of any work order. How do I accomplish that?

If the technician is not expected to alter the form, “Linked Sites” is the best place to store information that can be accessed regardless of the technician’s assignments.

Linked Sites can be accessed from the View menu, and they will be available all the time.

To add a document to the Linked Sites menu:

  1. Save the document in the FieldDesk Sync folder.
  2. Add the document as a <LINK> object in your System2 file.
    • Open your System2.xml file in a text editor (Notepad).
    • In the <LINK_SET> section, which should be towards the top of your System2 file, enter the following code:


<URL>filename.pdf (your filename — could be a .doc, .xls, etc.)</URL>

<NAME>The name that will be displayed in your Linked Sites menu.</NAME>


How do technicians get part information in the field for a part that was ordered and received to a job or ticket? How does this work on COD calls?

This works the same way on Bill-Out and COD calls.

The technician can get ordered part information in the field by using the refresh button on the On-Order tab.  If the part has been received since the technician was sent the work order, it will be available when the technician hits Refresh.

Can I upload more than one attachment at a time?

No, FieldDesk does not offer this capability.  If this is a feature that you would use frequently, please let us know.

I accidentally selected the wrong file when uploading attachments. How do I undo an attachment?

FieldDesk does not currently offer this capability.

I am unable to open attachments in FieldDesk that were attached to the work order from the office. Why is this? What can I do about it?

If, in the office, the file path for the attachment starts with a drive letter (“F:\FolderName\filename, for example), the file path can become unrecognizable in the field.  Oftentimes, the drive letter means different things to different devices, so unless the work station running the FieldDesk Gateway and the work station running FieldOPS are mapped to the same drives and folder structures, using the drive letter in the path can cause problems.

The easiest solution is to define the drive (“F:\” in this example) on the FieldDesk Gateway machine to point to its own directory (the same place as F:\ on the other machines).

The next easiest solution, if the attachments are autolinked, is to edit the auto-link template so that the drive letter is removed from the path (for example, F:\ might mean the same thing as “CompanyServer,” so you would change the path “F:\FolderName\filename” to file:\\CompanyServer\FolderName\filename).

The least efficient option would be to manually edit all of the attachment links.

Where do the answers to my completion checklist go after the assignment is submitted?

The completion checklist answers are found on the “Parts” tab in the Field Copy of the work order.  You can also set up work queues for each of the completion checks.

How do we put $0 labor on a COD that is No Charge?

When entering labor, you should be able to select “No Charge/Covered by agreement” in the rate box.

Every time I check for system updates in FieldDesk, my FieldDesk application restarts even if there weren’t any updates to download. Why is this?

Usually the culprit is the server (where the gateway is running).  Often, it is set to daylight savings time while the client is not.  Even though the timestamps in sync appear identical to file timestamps in FieldDesk, it thinks all the files are out of date.  Changing the server to standard time fixes this problem.

My FieldDesk Viewer won’t print or open PDF files.

This is often due to a dependency issue: the computer is missing a component (dll) that is present on most computers.


If you look in the sync folder in the FieldOPS data directory, you should find a file named “vcredist_x86.exe.”

Running this file on the problem machine should install the missing component.  Please contact us if you cannot locate the “vcredist_x86.exe” file.

Why can’t I access the System Values in the FieldDesk Gateway? The menu option is greyed out!

First, make sure your gateway is not running (AutoExchange should be off).  Second, you need to have either Paymaster or All Access clearance in FieldOPS.  If you have satisfied both those requirements and you still are unable to access System Values, please contact us.

When I try to open a FieldDesk form from inside of FieldOPS, I get an error message: “No application found with given file name extension (fdwo). How do I fix this?

Windows isn’t recognizing the fdwo extension as a valid extension for any programs you have installed.

Run the fdViewer program once to reassociate the fdwo extension with the FieldDesk Viewer program.  You may need to right click on the fdViewer program and ‘Run as Administrator’ to create this link.

If this solution does not resolve your issue, copy the file attachment link from the attachment in FieldOPS and paste it into a Windows Explorer browser. Right click & ‘Open With’ if you have the option, or choose ‘Open’ to receive the message that the file has no associated program. This should bring up an option to associate file types. Browse to the fdViewer.exe, check the option to always use this program to open the associated file and in the bottom box to name the association type in  .fdwo

My FieldDesk is giving me an “Unable to connect” error even though the gateway is running.

If you have a version of FieldDesk that is older than version 1.00.017, the problem could be a corrupt file in your outbox.  Usually this is a Timestamp or Assignment file.  To fix the problem, you need to find and remove or fix the file.


In your FieldDesk folder, you have an “outbox” folder and a “sent” folder.  If you have more than one file in your “outbox,” try moving all your files from “outbox” to “sent,” then moving them back one at a time, and pressing “Check for messages” in FieldDesk.  When you get an “unable to connect” error, you have found your corrupt file.

Move the corrupt file to a different location, so that you (or we) can fix it later.

If you have a version newer than version 1.00.017, check your internet connection, restart your gateway and FieldDesk, and then give us a call.

My FieldDesk displayed an error message: “Unable to load and parse C:FieldDeskoutboxTS… NOTE: Moving to sent folder without sending!” What does that mean?

This means that the file referred to in your error message was corrupt somehow.  It is in your FieldDesk\sent folder now, and it can likely be fixed and re-sent.  In the meantime, you won’t have any problems sending or receiving files.

I have one work order that shows on every technician’s FieldDesk assignment list every day. Why is this and how can I make it go away?

Check the sync folder in the FieldDesk directory on the server.  If the sync folder contains a file that starts with Assn, that assignment will continue to appear in every technician’s assignment list.  Move or delete that file from your sync folder, and tell your technicians to discard that work order.

I have a huge list in my “Checked Out – Sent” queue in FieldDesk Admin. How do I get rid of them?

If you are sure these work orders are no longer active in the field, you can right click on the work order and choose “Mark as Processed.”

My internet service provider blocks port 25.

Why this is a problem: If you are using SMTP messaging, all out-going messages will be sent through your mail server, though port 25. If your ISP blocks this port, your messages will not be sent. Solution: Change your PageRunner settings so that it uses port 587 instead of port 25.

My messages are being rejected by Sprint, and I’m using SNPP messaging.

Recently, Sprint/Nextel has begun to require authentication to use their new messaging gateway. To obtain platform login credentials, you will need to complete the Sprint EMG Connectivity Request form, and send it to EnterpriseMessagingGateway@sprint.com. Once you receive your login credentials, you can setup a new SNPP network in PageRunner using that information. Security Code: Your code from Sprint Server URL: SNPP.telemessage.com Port: 444

My page recipient gets a truncated message when I send a long page.

Likely cause: If your recipient only gets the message once, his or her phone service provider probably only allows a certain number of characters for a text message, and truncates the message. Solution: Try sending a long message. When the message is truncated, count how many characters were successfully transmitted. Then, adjust the maximum number of characters per page in your PageRunner settings for that network. This will cause PageRunner to split the message into multiple parts so that the message will not be truncated. Setup –> Networks –> Choose the network you want to edit, Edit –> Max. message length: Your message length.

Choose a Network

Adjust Maximum Page Length

Not only does my page get truncated, but my recipient gets it over and over!

Likely cause: Your phone company only allows one message to be relayed for each connection. Why this is a problem: If your work order messages are too long to be relayed in one message, PageRunner splits the message into two parts. If any part of the message returns an error, PageRunner will continue to try to send the entire message until either someone in the office cancels the transmission or PageRunner receives 20 errors. This means, the message recipient will get multiple copies of the first half of the message, but will never receive the second half of the message. Solution: Part #1: Try sending a long message. When the message is truncated, count how many characters were successfully transmitted. Then, adjust the maximum number of characters per page in your PageRunner settings for that network. This may be enough to fix the problem, but if not, continue to Part #2. Setup –> Networks –> Choose the network you want to edit, Edit –> Max. message length: Your message length.

Choose a Network

Adjust Maximum Page Length

This will cause PageRunner to split a long message into multiple messages, so all parts are transmitted, and nothing is truncated.  Sometimes, the messages will be received in reverse order.

Part #2:  Change your PageRunner settings so that all messages are relayed through your mail server.  The mail server will see the message as two separate messages, and will only try to send the second half again if it is rejected.

Setup –> Server –> SMTP –> Enter your mail server, User ID and password.

Set Mail Server for SMTP Messages