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When FieldDesk is used with other field service management software, the FieldDesk Administrator program is used to provide additional functionality in processing FieldDesk work orders.

It is used primarily for the office to view the field copy of work orders submitted via FieldDesk.

The FieldDesk Administrator opens to a tab showing all Checked Out –> Sent work orders.  This list can be refreshed with the Refresh button in the top left part of the screen.

Using the View menu, additional work queues besides the Checked Out –> Sent work queue (for example, Cash in Transit or Submitted Work Orders) can be viewed.  (View –> Work Queue)  Additional Work Queues can be created using the Setup menu option.

All queues will open in separate tabs at the bottom of the screen.  To close each tab, press the X button in the lower right part of the window.  Using the View menu, you can also lookup work orders by work order number or customer purchase order number. (View –> Work Order Lookup)

When you open a closed or submitted work order, an option to view the field copy will be available by pressing the Field Copy button on the bottom of the Work Order pop-up window.  The Field Copy is the only place to view forms.

In the Submitted Work Orders queue, the “Submitted As” column shows the time stamp of the work order when the technician submitted it.  That means that any time stamps created for the work order in the office after the work order was submitted won’t affect this “Submitted As” column in FieldDesk Administrator.

The Submitted Work Orders work queue displays submitted but unprocessed work orders in red.  This means the work order was submitted by a technician, but for some reason, the FieldDesk Gateway found the work order in error, and did not process it.  These work orders can be found in the Inbox folder of your S2000Win™ data directory.  They will have a file name like “Assn55555-555555.xml”, and they will open in your internet browser if you double click on them.  At the very bottom of this xml file, you can see what the error was that prevented the work order from being processed.

The FieldDesk administrator (set up in the FieldDesk Gateway System Values) will also get paged or emailed every time a work order is submitted with errors.