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Oftentimes, an assignment will require more than one technician at a work site. In the past, this posed a problem for FieldDesk, since you could only assign a FieldDesk work order to one technician at a time. Now, with the new Helper Tickets feature, you can assign an unlimited number of Helper Tickets to a work order.
The lead technician will receive the assignment first, and his FieldDesk work order will be the same as it always has been. Any additional FieldDesk technicians can be assigned Helper Tickets, and these assignments will look a little bit different in FieldDesk.
Helpers will be able to see the customer information, problem, equipment, and history. They will also get a “Work Detail” tab to record any parts they used, labor performed, or miscellaneous items. Helpers will also be able to create and submit forms. Helpers will not, however, be able to take payments or accept the customer signature for a proposal of work. The work the helpers record will only affect the cost to you, not to the customer.
When the helper ticket is submitted, the information will be processed almost exactly like the primary technician’s ticket. The parts and labor will be added to the register, updates to the customer’s equipment records will be processed, and forms will be included on the field copy.

What does this look like in FieldOPS?

When you send an assignment to a technician’s pager, you will now see an extra screen before sending the page asking you for your “Desired action in FieldDesk.”
If the work order has yet to be checked out to any technician, you will have two options:

If the work order has already been checked out to that technician, you will have the options to:

If the work order has already been checked out to a different technician, you will have three options:

The “Take no action in FieldDesk” option will treat the “Send to Page” command the same way it would if the technician was not in the Mobilogic FieldDesk employee group, and just send a page using PageRunner.

The helper ticket allows you to send the customer information, history, and equipment to a second technician’s FieldDesk device. That technician can then record his parts used, labor completed, and any other miscellaneous repairs. The technician can also fill out forms.

How does this look in the Field Copy?

The Field Copy of a work order that included a helper ticket will show all the helper’s parts and labor on the “Costs” tab, and the Forms will be included with the Primary technician’s forms. Both the “Costs” and “Forms” tabs will identify what items were submitted by which technician.