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October 21, 2016

GLOBAL Software Solutions (Davisware, Inc.) and Mobilogic SETTLE DISPUTE

Leawood, Kansas, October 21, 2016– In February of 2015 Global Software Solutions (Davisware, Inc.) filed a lawsuit against Mobilogic, Inc. claiming copyright infringement. Mobilogic, Inc. is pleased to announce that the lawsuit has been amicably resolved.
While the settlement terms remain confidential, this resolution opens the door for a truly competitive market to provide the best service management solutions and support.

Mobilogic, Inc., headquartered in Kansas City, provides software, services and support for field service organizations throughout the country. As experts in both the field service and communications fields, Mobilogic, founded in 1994, has been helping companies improve the efficiency of their field service operations for more than twenty years.
Mobilogic’s FieldOPS and FieldDesk packages are now in use by field service organizations throughout the country supporting hundreds of field workers. They are updated continuously to meet the needs of our customers and to utilize the latest technologies as they become affordable.

With decades of dedication to the field service industry, Mobilogic provides quality turnkey enterprise service software and mobile communication solutions, professional implementation and training, and world-class customer support services to all of its customers nationwide.

Mobilogic is committed to maintaining the highest standards of software development and quality service for all of its software products. We believe our success is intricately tied to the ongoing success of our customers.

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