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FieldDesk Features

Mobilogic FieldDesk is highly customizable; this list of features is just a start:

  • Technicians receive assigned work orders along with customer’s data from the office to his wireless Windows Tablet, Convertible or Notebook  full screen PC computer
  • Technician quickly verifies driving directions for a work order by connecting to online maps with Google Maps, Bing Maps, or MapQuest
  • Technician job status time stamping – automatically updated your Dboard in the office
  • Review customers historical work orders, service agreement and equipment covered
  • Add new equipment or change existing data regarding customers installed equipment, serial numbers and warranty information
  • Review and add customer contact information and email addresses
  • Job Notes added quickly using snippets or typing
  • Record labor and material used on the job – automatically records to the office work order register to be finalized.
  • Provide flat rate quote with customer approved signature
  • Fast parts look–up feature for items used and purchase order requisitions
  • Bar Code Scanning parts for work order billings is optional with bar code scanning equipment
  • When job is completed, capture and store customers signature to be printed or emailed
  • Accept customer payment in the field. Check/ Cash/ Bill Out  or take a Credit Card
  • Process customer’s credit card in the field with online approval from your merchant gateway provider
  • Select one or more forms (checklists) to complete with each job. Capture customer signature
  • Completed forms are electronically attached to the work order in FieldOPS future reference. Forms may be emailed or printed.
  • Digital job site pictures (before/ after) and electronic documents may be attached to the work order in the field
  • Create Purchase Order Requisition(s) for a specific job or for the technician’s truck stock requisition.  The office staff will verify, approve and activate these PO requisitions.
  • Special Job Wrap-Up time stamp status notifies the office that the technician is ready to receive their next job.
  • Closing Call Checklist allows the technician to record actual time on the job and respond to up to six customer designed close-out questions.
  • 24 Hour features allow the field technician to create and complete a new customer service call on the fly from their truck.
  • Re-Assign Work Order feature allows a partially completed work order to be re-assigned to the original technician or another technician to be completed.
  • Assigned linked web sites can also be assigned for the technician to have quick access to supplier’s or manufacturer’s web-site for parts review, etc.