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FieldDesk Overview

FieldDesk is an add-on program for FieldOPS users.  FieldDesk allows technicians in the field to access information about work orders from FieldOPS, add to and edit that information, and process payments for the work orders.  FieldDesk also eliminates the need for many of the procedures that were required to process a work order in FieldOPS after completion.

For FieldDesk to work, the users in the office and in the field need access to an internet connection.  In the office, the FieldDesk Gateway program needs to be running and on line any time a technician will be using FieldDesk.

From FieldOPS, a dispatcher will create a work order, assign it to a technician in the field, and send him notification using PageRunner.  PageRunner, rather than sending a page directly to the technician, recognizes the FieldDesk work order, and sends it to the FieldDesk Gateway where it is sent to the technician’s FieldDesk account.

When the technician updates a work order in the field – status, work completed, payment, etc. – the Gateway sends the updated work order information to FieldOPS where it is automatically updated.