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Download “yousendit” files from your set-up email

  • Server.zip, Common.zip, and Client.zip
    • Save these files somewhere you can easily access them

Extract server.zip and common.zip to the FieldOPS program directory

  • The FieldOPS program directory (usually MobilogicFieldOPS) is the directory containing FieldOPS.exe, prapi.dll, and the .ddf files.

To extract the files…

  • Make sure everyone is out of FieldOPS and PageRunner during this process.
  • Right-click on the Server.zip file (Repeat these steps for Common.zip)
    • Click “Extract All”
      • A dialogue will open that asks you for the directory to which you’d like to extract the zip file
      • Choose the FieldOPS program directory
      • If, during the file extraction, the program asks you if you want to replace existing files (PRunner.exe, prapi.dll), say “Yes”
        • Make sure the files themselves, and not a folder called “Server” has been extracted to the FieldOPS program directory

Run the FieldDesk Gateway program (fdGateway.exe)

  • It will prompt you for your FieldOPS login, including the path to your FieldOPS data directory.
  • It will create new tables in your FieldOPS data directory.  It will also create some subdirectories under the data directory.
    • Inbox, sync, and FDAttachments

Next Steps: