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Adding a work order from FieldDesk

Sometimes a technician or salesperson using FieldDesk will want to create a new work order for a customer while in the field. This is easily done in FieldDesk.

If the technician is already assigned to a work order for that customer, it’s simple to add a new work order. With the Customer tab open, in the main menu, choose Tasks -> Create Additional Work Order for Customer. An “Open New Work Order” dialogue box will open, and the technician can add comments, choose the relevant equipment, agreement, call type and problem.

If the technician is not already assigned to a work order for that customer, he needs to lookup the customer before adding a new work order. First, in the main menu, choose View -> Customer Lookup. Using the “Find” button, the technician can search for the customer by name, address or phone number.

If you have more than one customer with the same name, FieldDesk will display the first 12 records by default. This number of customers displayed can be changed in the System Values “Options” tab using the FieldDesk gateway.

After finding the right customer and opening that customer’s file, the tech can click the “Open New Work Order” button to add a new work order.

The new work order is automatically assigned to the FieldDesk technician on the DBoard in FieldOPS.