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Discard vs. Submit

In FieldDesk, a technician has the option to discard a work order.  This will remove the work order from his FieldDesk assignment list, but it will not remove the “checked out” status of the work order.  If a technician discards a work order by accident, he will have removed any data he added to the work order (parts and labor, for example).  The best way to get a work order back into a technician’s FieldDesk assignments list is to send it to his pager again from within FieldOPS. 

When a technician submits a work order, all of the data he added to the work order (parts and labor, for example) is processed by FieldOPS.  If the work order was submitted, but not complete, it can be reassigned in FieldOPS to the same technician, or to a different technician.  All the work done by the first technician will be available on the FieldDesk work order when it is sent out again.