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How to find "lost" work orders

Sometimes, a work order can seem to go missing after a technician submits it to the office.  This is usually the result of one of two problems.

1) The technician didn’t have an internet connection when he hit “Submit”, so the work order is still sitting in the “Outbox” folder on the technician’s device, waiting until he is back in coverage.  Once the technician is back in coverage, any connection with the FieldDesk Gateway will prompt the work order in the “Outbox” to try again.

2) The work order could not be processed on the host side due to an error.  In this case, the designated FieldDesk administrator would have received an email or page with an error message similar to:

“fdGateway: Unprocessed message:\FieldOPSDatainboxAssn55555-55555.xml
300 6/3/2011 2:45 pm Unable to check in work order 55555 from #300 which is checked out to #200″

In the above example, the work order was not processed because it was assigned to a different technician, but the work order could have been in error due to other reasons, also.

In the case of a host-side error, the work order will be in the “Inbox” on your server (in the FieldOPS directory), waiting to be imported manually using the FieldDesk Gateway program.  (Tasks –> Import Assignments)

If a work order with the same work order number has already been submitted, the new version will overwrite the old version.

 If you check both the “Outbox” on the technician device and the “Inbox” on the server, and you still do not find the missing assignment, it could be in the “Sent” folder on the technician’s device.  In this case, the technician can move the assignment to the “Outbox” folder, and it will be re-submitted.