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How to use Attachments

Forms and attachments, while similar, are not the same thing.  Here’s how they work:

                Each work order has an “Attachments” tab.  On that tab, a technician can add attachments from their computer (or external drive) to the work order by clicking the “Add” button.  Once added, however, the attachments cannot be removed from within FieldDesk.  The attachment tab shows the attachment description, filename, whether it has been downloaded to FieldDesk, and the attachment number. 

                If someone in the office adds an attachment to the work order, the technician in the field can retrieve it by clicking the “Refresh” button.  The list on the Attachments tab will update, but the attachment itself won’t get downloaded until the technician double clicks on it.

                When the attachment is downloaded, the technician is free to save a copy to his machine, edit it, and upload the new version as an attachment, but otherwise, the attachments are not editable.