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How to use Forms

Before using FieldDesk, most of our customers used paper forms for their work orders.  Their forms could include anything from checklists for the technician to complete, a place to record important measurements and data, or a description of the work done and payment received used in place of a receipt.

To keep the work order process as familiar as possible when implementing FieldDesk, Mobilogic can convert your old paper forms into electronic forms than can be converted to pdf and printed or emailed.  Electronic forms reduce the amount of paperwork being processed in the office.

Forms can automatically pull information that the technician has entered into the FieldDesk copy of the work order, or any information from the original work order in FieldOPS.  These fields can be “read-only” or “editable” so that the technician can add or change information.  Any information that a technician adds or changes directly on a form will only affect the form — it won’t be processed with the other data in FieldOPS.  The form will appear as part of the Field Copy, and in the Attachments tab in FieldOPS on the original work order once the work order is processed.  For of this reason, we recommend that technicians add all their notes and make all their changes in other parts of FieldDesk, and then create the form just before submitting the work order.

To use the form, a technician can tab through the fields and type directly into text fields, or mark checkbox fields.  A technician can draw directly on the form, also, which is great for drawing diagrams or marking dimensions.  The “Erase” button will clear the drawn elements one at a time – just like an undo button.  The “Clear” button will clear all drawn elements at once.

Customers can even sign in the signature fields on the electronic form instead of on the Repair Estimate or Payments tab.

Forms are a great way to capture multiple signatures if, for example, a work order takes multiple days to complete, and you want a signature for each day the technician is on site.

When a technician is done filling out a form, he can “Send” the form to an email address listed in the customer’s contact information.  He can also “Print” the form.  FieldDesk will ask the technician if he’d rather preview the form as a PDF first.  He can then print from within Adobe Reader, or he can print from FieldDesk.

To save the form, click “Done” in the bottom right corner.  Clicking the “X” in the top right corner will close the form window, but first, it will double check with the technician: “Are you sure you want to abort and lose changes?”

Once a form is created, it can be changed by clicking the “Change” button on the Forms tab, or by double clicking on the form description.

To have a custom form created, send Mobilogic a high quality digital copy of your form, preferably as a pdf file, along with an explanation of how the form is used and a description of any unique fields.  We will then add the form to your FieldDesk application.