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Reassigning Work Orders

You can reassign a work order a number of ways.

In FieldOPS, on the DBoard:

  1. The dispatcher can open the Ecard properties, and change the technician in the “Assign to” box.
  2. The dispatcher can click and drag the Ecard to a different technician’s column on the DBoard.
    1. Both of these methods change the status color of the Work Order to light grey, since the most recent timestamp is “Reassigned,” and the assignment number is the same.
    2. Both of these methods remove the work order from the original technician’s column.
    3. Neither of these methods remove the work order from a technician’s FieldDesk assignments.
  3. The dispatcher can copy a work order to a different technician.
    1. This method does not remove the work order from the previous technician’s DBoard column.
    2. This method also does not remove the work order from the original technician’s FieldDesk assignment.

In methods 1 and 2:

After the new technician is assigned the work order, it won’t show up in his FieldDesk assignment list until it is “checked out” to him.  As you probably know, to check out the work order, you just send the assignment to his pager.

Scenario 1:

If you check out the assignment to the new technician, and if the original technician tries to submit the assignment from FieldDesk, you will receive the following error in the Gateway:

“Unable to check in work order #(work order number) from #(original technician number) which is checked out to #(new technician number)”

“Receiving/Saving unprocessed message \your pathinboxAssn(assignment number)-(work order number).xml”

The FieldDesk work order copy will not be processed in FieldOPS, but it will be available for import from your FieldOPS inbox if you need to import it for whatever reason (the tech created a form, or wrote some notes on the assignment).  Usually, if you have reassigned the work order before any work has been completed, you can ignore the error message.

If you do not want the confusion of the error message, instead of having your original technician suspend and submit the work order, have him discard the work order from his FieldDesk assignments list.  Nothing will be submitted, and he won’t have the assignment on his list anymore.

Scenario 2:

If you undo the check out from the original technician before the original technician has submitted the assignment in FieldDesk, you will receive the following error in the Gateway:

“Unable to check in work order ###### which was not checked out”

“Receiving/Saving unprocessed message \your pathinboxAssn(assignment number)-(work order number).xml”

Again, this FieldDesk copy is saved as an xml file in your inbox, which may or may not need to be imported.

*You can undo the assignment check out in one of two ways:

  1. In the Work Order Lookup tab (View a Work Order Lookup), a checked-out assignment will have an “Open <Tech Number>” status.  Right-click the work order, and select “Undo Check out of WO# to #TechNumber”
  2. In the “Checked Out-Sent” tab, which is the default tab when you open FD Administrator, right click the work order, and select “Mark as Processed.”

Scenario 3:

You haven’t undone the original check-out and you haven’t checked out the assignment to the new tech yet.  The original tech submits his FieldDesk work order.

This scenario is not a big deal.  The FieldDesk copy will be submitted successfully into FieldOPS, and the new technician will receive that same field copy when the work order is then checked out to him.  This means if the original technician did any work on the work order, the new technician will be able to see what work was done (anything in notes, parts lists, etc. will stay in the field copy).  If the new technician changes any of the original technician’s notes or information, this new information will overwrite the old.

If you copy a work order instead of reassign it (method 3 at the top):

This can cause some problems.  The last field copy to come in to the office is the only field copy that will be saved.  So, if more than one technician is assigned to a work order, the last technician to submit it will overwrite anything submitted by the other technician.

In the future, we would like to have read-only “helper” tickets so that multiple technicians can see the work order details, but only one technician will submit the field copy.

For now, if you have more than one technician on a job, you have a few options:

  1. Check it out only to the “lead technician.”  This way, only he has the details of the assignment, and there will only be one FieldDesk copy out there.
  2. Check it out to every technician assigned to the work order, but undo the check-out for everyone but the “lead technician.”  This way, everyone will have the details, but if any technician other than the lead technician submits the FieldDesk copy, an error will display on the FieldDesk Gateway, and the field copy will be stored in the “inbox.”
  3. Same as #2, except train your technicians to discard rather than submit their field copy, and treat it as read-only.  This way, the lead technician will know it is his responsibility to edit and submit the work order, and everyone else will only have the details to know they are assigned to the work order.