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MapTools User’s Guide

When MapTools opens,  it asks the user to select the database.  This requires an employee number, password, and the path to the FieldOPS database.

Once the user is signed in, a New Map dialogue asks for the Schedule Date, and the Employee Group.  This also gives the user the option of routing assignments by time slot and priority or by start time.

Once the employee group and schedule date have been chosen, MapTools loads a map showing all of the assignments for that employee group and date.  In the top left, there is a list of employees in the employee group.  These can be selected or deselected to alter the map view.  When an employee is deselected, their assignments disappear from the map, and the map zooms in to show only the assignments that remain.

The map always is scaled so that all the assignments selected are visible.

In the bottom left part of the screen, a list of the assignments is shown.  This list is ordered by employee number, and then timeslot/priority or start time, depending on the option chosen when the program was opened.

When an assignment is selected from the assignment list, MapTools highlights the location, and the details are shown on the bottom of the screen.  The bottom left shows the work order number, the problem, time slot, status, and notes.  The bottom right shows the zip code and area, and contact phone numbers.  Each assignment can have a different color and shape depending on its status, priority, and department.  A current day’s assignment color will match the FieldOPS DBoard status color with one exception: all custom timestamp statuses will appear as a royal blue in MapTools no matter what the color is in FieldOPS.

The department shapes are determined by Setup -> Department Shapes.  Each department from FieldOPS can be assigned a shape: large and small circle, square, triangle, or none.  The colors are based on the work order status (notified, started, wrapping up, etc.) and priority in FieldOPS.  The priority colors are only shown when the date is not the current date.  Otherwise, the status colors are shown.

Right-clicking an assignment on the list gives the user options:

The user is able then, to change the ECard, work order and customer properties within MapTools, and the changes will be reflected in (close to) real time in FieldOPS.  The dispatcher can send a notification of the assignment to the technician using Send to Pager.  The dispatcher can also change the status of the work order using the Notified, Acknowledged, etc. options on this menu.  Zoom To zooms the map view closer to the work order location.  Location View opens a new tab with a road map within a few blocks of the work order.  Update Location returns the view to show all of the assignments.

Right-clicking on a technician’s name in the list brings up this menu:

Send Page allows a dispatcher to send a page to the technician.  Add ECard allows the dispatcher to add an open work order to the technician’s assignment list.  Show only… gives the dispatcher a quick way to uncheck all the other technicians, and Show All is a quick way to check all of the technicians in the list.  Show Route displays a green highlighted route between the assignments and driving directions at the top of the screen.  This is a good way for a dispatcher to determine how to order same priority assignments without a timeslot to keep the tech from driving more than necessary.  Clear Route clears a green highlighted route if one is displayed.  Tracking view shows where the truck is or has been on a certain date based on GPS data.  This view opens in a new tab.

View menu:

The View menu allows the user to view or hide locations on the map.  Vendors, employee homes, assignment labels, tech trucks, and delivery trucks are all optional on the map.  The View menu also allows the user to create a new Dispatch or Tracking Map.  For example, a MapTools user could view both today and tomorrow’s assignments in two different tabs by creating a new Dispatch Map.  The View menu also allows the user to view a log of pages sent and queued to be sent.

Setup Menu:

The Setup menu allows a user to set up the shapes used for each department, paging devices and networks, vendors, and employees.  All the information, other than the department shapes, comes from FieldOPS, but it is editable in either program.

Help Menu:

In the Help menu, the user can update their MapTools license, display logged-in users, or generate a GPS Timecard report.