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PageRunnerâ„¢ is a comprehensive paging software product for computer networks. PageRunnerâ„¢ enables users to send alphanumeric pages from any workstation on the PC network. One modem and one phone line handles all messages for the entire network.

Features include group addressing and message broadcast, user definable message templates, pre-scheduled message queuing, message tracking and logging, and support for multiple services and receivers (pagers) from a single system. PageRunnerâ„¢ can interface to existing software applications such as dispatching and sales automation.

  • Saves time through immediate access to mobile workers
  • Cuts costs with efficient use of equipment
  • Streamlines communication by sending messages directly from your computer
  • Supports pre-scheduled messages
  • Eliminates repetitive typing with user created standard messages

Learn more by visiting our PageRunner FAQ page.